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Virtual Trivia Night

Virtual Trivia Night

Virtual Trivia Night 20/11/20 – tickets on sale NOW!

  • What is the rarest M&M colour? 
  • In what year were the first Air Jordan sneakers released? 
  • According to Greek mythology who was the first woman on earth? 
  • The only known monotremes in the animal kingdom are the echidna and which other creature?

If answering random questions of varying degrees of difficulty is your thing then this is your night! If it’s not, but a super fun dinner party with your friends is then this is also your night!

The P&C is so excited to announce that tickets for our only 2020 school fundraiser - the Virtual Trivia Night - are ON SALE NOW under the 'Events' section of Flexischools

2019’s Trivia Night was one of the highlights of the year and we expect this year’s event to be a cracker! 

Make sure you don’t miss out - organise your group of eight friends, choose which ticket option best suits and get ready for a night of live trivia, fun games, great prizes and an online silent auction.  

Please visit the website for all the details. 

And for anyone who isn’t a trivia nerd, here are the answers to the questions above:  

  • Brown 
  • 1984 (bonus points if you had them!) 
  • Pandora 
  • Platypus