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2014 Agendas & Minutes

The P&C meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Staffroom (main building). All welcome to attend.

2014 Dates:


Wed 5th Feb Wed 7th May Wed 6th Aug Wed 8th Oct
Wed 5th March Wed 4th June Wed 3rd Sept Wed 5th Nov
Wed 2nd April     Thurs 4th Dec


  • 5th February

AgendaAgenda Feb (pdf 341 KB)

MinutesMinutes Feb (pdf 395 KB)

2014 Goals


  • 5th March

AgendaAgenda Mar (pdf 375 KB)

MinutesMinutes Mar (pdf 405 KB)


  • 2nd April

AgendaAgenda Apr (pdf 376 KB)

MinutesMinutes Apr (pdf 397 KB)


  • 7th May

AgendaAgenda May (pdf 376 KB)

MinutesMinutes May (pdf 1027 KB)


  • 4th June

AgendaAgenda Jun (pdf 373 KB)

MinutesMinutes Jun (pdf 529 KB)


  • 6th August

AgendaAgenda Aug (pdf 375 KB)

MinutesMinutes Aug (pdf 463 KB)


  • 3rd September

AgendaAgenda Sept (pdf 374 KB)

MinutesMinutes Sept (pdf 451 KB)


  • 8th October

AgendaAgenda Oct (pdf 389 KB)

MinutesMinutes Oct (pdf 450 KB)


  • 5th November

AgendaAgenda Nov (pdf 386 KB)

MinutesMinutes Nov (pdf 461 KB)


  • 4th December

AgendaAgenda Dec (pdf 321 KB)

MinutesMinutes Dec (pdf 70 KB)

President's ReportAnnual Review (pdf 193 KB)